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Video From Mountain Lake PBS. White Pine Camp Restored to former Adirondack Great Camp Glory. Video from Oct 12,2018 Mountain Lake Journal

Adirondack Daily Enterprise. Beyond the fog: A morning paddle on Osgood. Please click here to read more

Smithsonian. Birthplace of the American Vacation. The Travel Issue April 2013. Please click here to read more.

Adirondack Enterprise. Coolidge became an angler in the Adirondacks. Please click here to read more.

Martha Stewart Living. Places to Stop along the Adirondack Way. Please click here to read more.

New York Times. Historic Adirondack Great Camp is now a Museum. Please click here to read more.

Adirondack Life. Siding with Tradition. The real story behind a staple of Adirondack Style. Please click here to read more


Boots and Boats in the "Forever Wild" Adirondacks. By Archana Singh. As I spend more time in Adirondack, I get more interested in knowing about the 19th century extravagant gilded age Elite. On a rain-swept day along with Carrie, my trip-organizer-turned-friend, I drive down to get a peek into the wealth and charm of Adirondack Rustic. Please click here to read more about Classic Adirondack lodging at historic Great Camps as seen on www.travelseewrite.com.

Fashion Meets Natural Beauty

White Pine Camp has been featured in a number of publications

We are proud to note that White Pine Camp has been the setting of numerous photo shoots for various catalogues such as L.L. Bean, Talbots, J.Crew, to Brooks Brothers.

Books Featuring White Pine Camp

The Saga of an Adirondack Great Camp and Summer White House WHITE PINE CAMP. By Dr. Howard Kirschenbaum. White Pine Camp is one of the Adirondack region's prized historic places. This new book explores White Pine Camp's fascinating story, including the design and building of its unique architecture through a collaboration of architects William Massarene and Addison Mizner with master builder Ben Muncil. Kirschenbaum discusses a parade of prominent owners throughout the 20th century. Please click here to read more about The Saga of an Adirondack Great Camp

Adirondack Style Great Camps and Rustic Lodges By Lynn Woods, Jane Mackintosh, F-stop Fitzgerald, Richard McCaffrey, and Dr. Howard Kirschenbaum. Today approximately 40 of these extravagant camps survive, 35 of which are examined here. Well illustrated in color. Please click here to read more.

An Elegant Wilderness: Great Camps and Grand Lodges of the Adirondacks 1855-1935 By Gladys Montgomery. The first book to place the rustic Adirondack architectural style in the context of the cultural, social, and environmental history. An Elegant Wilderness showcases the intensely private retreats set into the pine forests on the shores of the region's shimmering lakes. Please click here to read more.

White Pine Camp
White Pine Road
P.O. Box 340
Paul Smiths, NY 12970
(518) 327-3030
"We think we have found our Shangri-La." - Guest
Across the lawn is the main living room for the camp that features wifi, a computer, lots of books and games, and a very spectacular old world camp atmosphere that is, in fact, the real deal. - TA reviewer
Call 518-327-3030
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